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I was told this function could provide load balancing on the datapower device. For example on a few of our rules we send a request from an MPG to a WSP via "" And I was told if the device had multiple IPs, instead of 127 we could use the LoadBalancing group. Testing shows this does not appear to work, and a little research has lead me to believe that load balancing is for sending to servers, not balancing internal IP.
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    Re: Load Balancer Group

    Also, if we use 127 or does it act as an internal load balancer and round robin the IPs on the device?
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    Re: Load Balancer Group

    I've had load balancers in the past that have worked to on box services (not for production, I was trying to emulate load balancing to a backend that was not available for testing). Are you sure that you have your LBG configured in your XML manager virtual groups property? If not, your LBG will not work.

    I'm not sure what you use case is, but the only one I can think of to use a LBG with internal "backend" IPs, including, would be to simulate balancing backend traffic in a non production environment.