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I have a requirement to show the datapage using Pagination when a button is submitted. I used PagingLinks Builder to display the pagination. But my problem is i am not getting the paging links on the first submit. The paging links are appearing when i click the button for the second time and also the paging links once appear is not coming as per the data page values.

For suppose i have 30 records and the paging i kept is for 10 records, I should get 3 paging links but i am getting these link on the second submit and if i change the input value and hit the button if that filter is having 15 records then i should get the 2 paging links as i had giving the paging for 10 records. But in my case the old paging links are appearing. If i hit the button for the second time then only the paging links are appearing for the second case. So can anybody help me in this case what was the issue.

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    Re: PagingLinks Builder Problem

    Without a sample model showing the problem, it's hard to say what's going on there, but...

    The most straightforward way to enable paging with WEF automation is via one of the higher level builders (DSUI, View and Form when possible or Data Column Modifier when not using one of those higher level builders) rather than connecting the lower level builders together yourself.

    If you post a sample (with no confidential info or intellectual property) showing what you're having trouble with, it might make it easier for someone to quickly spot what's wrong with it.
    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati
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