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Pinned topic Unable to get coverage details

‏2013-01-08T12:19:45Z |

I am trying to get coverage details of a unit test(UT) module. Using RTRT tool, I have generated the .pp, *_i.c and fdc files and ran the UT module and got the dump. I got the TIO file from the dump. When I try to extract the coverage report using attolcov command, I get an error "TestRT attolcov - FATAL ERROR: No DC line in TIO file ./uled.tio". The TIO file doesnt look normal (TB is missing). I have attached the copy of the tio file. Please throw some light on this issue.



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    Re: Unable to get coverage details

    What is the status on this issue ?
    did you solve your problem ?

    Note the tio file looks correct but it shows coverage rate 0
    It seems your dump has been overwritten with an other coverage dump.
    and since the results are cleared after a dump the second dump rate is 0.
    the TDP and the .spt file would be helpfull here. (file written by the execution before the split)