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Pinned topic Problem with OMEGAMON XE on z/OS and the Summarization and Pruning agent

‏2013-01-08T10:30:06Z |
I try to install Tivoli Data Warehouse but I have an issue with the Warehouse Summarization and Pruning agent : I don't see it in the Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring
Services, and I don't know where it's ?

I want to collect data from a TEMS (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server) on z/OS (this TEMS manage a OMEGAMON XE monitoring agents on z/OS).
The TEMS and TEM are already installed.

I installed the TEP, the TEPS (Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server), the warehouse (DB2), the Warehouse Proxy on the same server, and it seems that the Summarization and Pruning agent is installed but I don't see it. In the file herewith we can see that it's installed.

For information, i don't use any Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents on Windows because I want to use those on z/OS.

If somebody can help me about this issue, it would be nice.

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    Re: Problem with OMEGAMON XE on z/OS and the Summarization and Pruning agent

    ‏2013-02-15T19:49:52Z  in response to jb_genier
    Hi, you should have installed it when you installed the TEPS and TEP. Your saying when you installed TDW and Summarization and pruning agent, it did not show up in the Manage Tivoli Monitoring Servers.