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Pinned topic How to validate portal migration

‏2013-01-08T08:37:15Z |
Hi all,

we are currently running a V6 to V7 migration based on XMLAccess. Once the migration will be done, which method do you recommend to validate the migrated new environment?

These are the migrated elements:

  • custom skins (5)

  • custom themes (8)

  • web apps (25)

  • pages (200 pages + 4000 private pages)

  • url-mappings (204)

  • security (lots of different security groups have been used)

That represents a huge number of combinaisons to be able to test exhaustively all cases. Can releaseBuilder be used to build a diff file and then analyse the differences?

Do you see other alternatives?

Thanks for your help

Cedric Dassy