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Pinned topic Mixed Environment with 7.5 Client and 7.4 Server (Solaris) side Questions

‏2013-01-08T04:51:31Z |
Hello All:

Happy new year to everyone!

Has anyone successfully configured and deployed Series 7 applications in a mixed environment where:

Server Side = Cognos 7.4 Components (UNIX)
Client Side = Cognos 7.5 (Impromptu and PowerPlay)

NOTE: Transformer models are created on 7.5 Windows platform and then moved to 7.4 Solaris Transformer platform

Officially, I know this is unsupported, however I am in a situation where time is against us and we would like to test few things and then do server side upgrades at a later date.

Perhaps, someone out here has run such a hybrid environment with success.

Thanks in advance for your assistance/feedback.