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‏2013-01-08T04:23:15Z |
The macro documentation states that after each <prompt> or <input> the process will pause 1/2 the pausetime unless it is the last action in the list. Prompts do not submit a host AID key where an <input> very likely can.

Why is there any pause for a <prompt>?

What exposures would there be if the pause value was zero (0)?
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    Re: Macro - pause on inputs

    I can't say why there is a pause time for a prompt other than I would imagine we are treating that as an input where data is being placed on the host screen. Setting the pause time to zero may not be a problem but I personally think it's risky if you have numerous input actions in a macro. I prefer to still do at least a 10 or 20 millisecond pause just to make sure the system has time to process the keys that are sent to the host. This is based on past experience when I used to test this kind of code in HOD. I found that in some cases when I did many input actions with no delay it could flood the host system and get it stuck in a permanent busy state. You can recover from this when sitting in front of the green screen but in a macro it would be a big problem. That's just my opinion.