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Pinned topic WSRR search capabilities via WSRR UI vs. Business Space

‏2013-01-08T01:42:01Z |

WSRR provides a very rich and configurable meta model which (via classifications) allows categorisation of artefacts in very flexible ways.

The issue seems though that the extent of how these classifications can be used during a search scenario seems to be limited for the Business Space UI. The Registry Search Widget is based on full text search (via Lucene) rather than allowing the user to filter specifically based on classifications.

The WSRR UI on the other hand as well as the programmatic interfaces (e.g. REST) do allow structured search based on classifications.

Is there any recommendation how to provide advanced search capabilities via the Business Space UI rather than switching back and forth between the WSRR UI and Business Space ? The other option is obviously to develop a custom widget, but before we embark on that road, I would like to investigate whether there is anything in the pipeline from an IBM product management perspective.

thx Nick
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    Re: WSRR search capabilities via WSRR UI vs. Business Space

    The Actions widget can be used to create custom queries which run in the Collection widget, for example the watch lists we ship with the Space templates. Also different instances of the Action widget can show different actions.

    The Collection widget can have queries in the drop down menu which run custom queries as well.

    I would look at adding custom queries into the Actions widget or Collections widget to achieve what searches you want to.

    We do not have the faceted search feature like in the Web UI where you can drill down through classifications and types. In Business Space the searching is focused on looking for items which match particular criteria for the role who the space is aimed at.