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Pinned topic 9117-570 Power?

‏2013-01-07T23:34:06Z |
I recently picked up a used 9117-570 with 2x1.9GHZ P5's (97P5095), 32GB RAM and 2x72GB drives.

I realize that this system is EOL and I picked it up mostly for fun as I'm planning to install SUSE and run a Minecraft server for my kids. Formerly, I have set up AIX systems professionally but always in a large datacenter environment not at home. The price on this unit was really attractive and I have always appreciated the quality of IBM hardware.

I've read through the manuals and postings on the 9117-570, but have not been able to find any information on the problem I'm having:

- When the unit is cabled for power the fans run but there are no lights in the power LEDs for the power supplies. The operator console is not powered and does not indicate any error condition.

- The Serial and HMC ports are not responsive.

- I've tried removing the operator's console (in case it's not operational) with the same result

- I've removed one of the processors to see if this reduces the power requirements; I also tried removing each of the PCI cards (fibre, network, HMC, etc.)

- The unit is plugged into a 120v power source, from what I've read if there is insufficient power (i.e., 200v is required) this should result in an error condition on the console or an LED indicator on the power supply.

So: is this a case of insufficient power, two failed power supplies, another failed component or another issue? What would cause the power supply to not have an LED indicator?

On a side note - It is a shame to see these great systems heading for the landfill, they are still very capable and a great way to teach the next generations about virtualization under unix. They are incredibly well designed, having taken mine apart now several times I can attest to this first hand :)


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  • The_Doctor
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    Re: 9117-570 Power?

    ‏2013-01-08T01:47:12Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Evey 9117-570 doc I've read on the 9117-570 (h/w manual, IBM sales manual, redbook) clearly indicates Power Requirements as 200-240V AC. I assume this is Worldwide, but maybe I missed something.

    Where are you reading 120V is supported on a 9117-570? Is this unique to your country?

    You also said --> The operator console is not powered

    There is no operator console on a 570. Did you mean operator panel ? or HMC ? or something else ?

    All your other comments/problems, including a non-functional operator panel, seem consistent with "the Service Processor" is not up.

    When you're done, you may find you have multiple problems to solve with used equipment BUT Step 1 is -> get your Service Processor operational. Without a good Service Processor, nothing is going to work.

    To do that you'll need power supplies that work.

    So I'd suggest, get 220v (if you're in North America) to your power supplies and see it that helps your situation.

    If you don't know what you're doing with 220v power, 20amp circuit breakers, properly gauge'd wiring, suitable plugs, etc. hire an electrician. You don't want to burn your house down.
    • SystemAdmin
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      Re: 9117-570 Power?

      ‏2013-01-08T03:36:08Z  in response to The_Doctor
      Thanks for the quick response -- Yes, I had mean the operator panel; I have read that there is an error condition indicating that would indicate if there was insufficient power (which would mean that the operator panel should be operational in a low power condition).

      Regarding where I read the 120v, I just checked through the sources and this was an article related to the 520 not the 570. It seems that the 570 is 200v only while the 520 power requirements are configuration based.

      I would have expected that if the fans turn, the power supply LEDs would indicate a fault condition but I guess this isn't the case.

      I'll find a 220v source and see what I'm working with. Thanks for the questions and suggestions, much appreciated.
      • The_Doctor
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        Re: 9117-570 Power?

        ‏2013-01-08T18:47:46Z  in response to SystemAdmin
        Speculation on

        I'm no expert on the power internals but I suspect the fans run off AC power (in some sort of pass-thru mode from the power supply) which is why you heard them turning.

        Most everything else runs off DC power which is why you need functioning power supplies. With only 110v on the 570 you don't have functional power supplies creating the needed DC power.

        The operator panel is only going to function once the Service Processor is up or at least on it's way up. No DC power = no Service Processor = no Operator Panel.

        Speculation off

        As you've read / discovered on certain smaller p5 machines, (the p5 55A comes to mind), certain power supplies will operate on 110v (meaning creating DC power to at least get the Service Processor up), BUT if the config consists of 2 or more processor cards, the Service Processor / firmware will not permit a total power on, and you'll receive an error indicating 220v is required. There may be other limitations but from what I remember, 1 processor card = 110v or 220v is supported. >1 processor card = 220v only. Again, this is on the smaller p5 machines only.

        As we've already covered, the 570 needs 220v from the get go. Good luck with your project.