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Pinned topic How to update Intel NIC firmware on System x

‏2013-01-07T22:47:43Z |
Hello, does anybody know how to update firmware of built-in Intel NICs on recent System x servers?

For example, I have x3550 M4 with 4 gigabit Intel network interfaces. They run Intel Boot Agent 1.3.72 and UEFI driver 4.6.18. As a standard best practice, I would like to update it to actual versions. But I can't find package which could be used with Bootable Media Creator, for instance. At maximum on IBM site I found Intel CD image for updating Ethernet drivers ( This image contains drivers for different OS, firmware update files and Intel utility "bootutil" which should be used for firmware update. However, when I boot server in DOS and start Bootutil, it founds Ethernet controllers, but says "Flash not present". I suppose this is because integrated controllers on server MB have flash which is organized differently from Intel-manufactured NIC adapters. So how to update it?