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Pinned topic Asynchronous phase In Upgrade CM server

‏2013-01-07T19:23:09Z |
We have done a test upgrade on a copy of our CM customer production data.
The synchronouse phase of the upgrade completed successfully.
The upgrade is in the Asynchronous phase for about 8 weeks.
We would like to know the exact status of this phase.
How many items were processed and what exactly is done right now.
Attached are the Server error+ trace logs while Repplication, Async and database tracing are enabled after a restart of the CM server.
The current status of the upgrade is:
"PHNOSP1 17.1.24 Asynchronous Upgrades In Progress:Replication"

SW versions:
CM: 3.5.2
OS: Windows 2003 SP1
RDB: Oracle

CM: 5.1
OS: Windows 2008 R2
RDB: Oracle