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Pinned topic ReqPro Users Manager V 7.0.1

‏2013-01-07T16:14:13Z |
I try to use User Manager 7.0.1 on Win 7 with ReqPro, when starting with opened ReqPro, the error message: ReqPro must be opened to use UM, title Abend 25.
On Win Xp with 7.1.2, it works fine with ReqPro V

How can I fix it ? I looked up the usersmanager.vbp, and found the following code:
Set m_GUIApp = GetObject(, "ReqPro40.GUIApp")
If m_GUIApp Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "RequistePro must be opened to use UM", vbCritical, "Abend 25"
Exit Sub
End If

Method: Class_Initialize()

Class: CrqpConnection.cls

I suppose that "C" means class.

If I put the lines of code into Visual Basic Editor into a sub and run it, it does not work (message runtime error 429, creation of object not possible. I declared m_GUIApp as an object and asked if the object is empty.

Should I send a module or class of the programme ?

Another question directed to the admins of the forum: why do I have the svaw... as prefix to my name ?
Officially, the User Tool is not supported by IBM, nevertheless I hope to find a solution for Win 7.