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Pinned topic Problem with Starting QManager

‏2013-01-07T15:51:17Z |
We are migrating our application from Solaris to AIX. Now the application is on Websphere 7 AIX enviroment. But we are having issue while we start the IBM QueueManager. We are geeting the below issue. Please assist.

We have generated jdbcora file and placed the same in /var/mqm/exits64/ path. Still getting the error

01/04/13 15:36:39 - Process(10420300.1) User(mqm) Program(amqzxma0_nd)
AMQ6188: The system could not dynamically load the shared library
'/var/mqm/exits64/jdbcora' as the entry point to the library, symbol 'MQStart',
could not be located within the library. The queue manager will continue
without this library.

This message applies to AIX systems. The shared library
'/var/mqm/exits64/jdbcora' failed to load correctly due to a problem with the
Check that the entry point to the library, symbol 'MQStart', exists and has
been exported from the library.

amqxufnx.c : 1170
01/04/13 15:36:39 - Process(10420300.1) User(mqm) Program(amqzxma0_nd)
AMQ7622: WebSphere MQ could not load the XA switch load file for resource
manager 'Oracle_ITBADEV_AIX'.

An error has occurred loading XA switch file jdbcora. If the error occurred
during startup then the queue manager will terminate. At all other times the
queue manager will continue without this resource manager meaning that it will
no longer be able to participate in global transactions. The queue manager will
also retry the load of the switch file at regular intervals so that the
resource manager will be able to participate again should the load problem be
Look for a previous message outlining the reason for the load failure. Message
AMQ6175 is issued if the load failed because of a system error. If this is the
case then follow the guidance given in message AMQ6175 to resolve the problem.
In the absence of prior messages or FFST information related to this problem
check that the name of the switch load file is correct and that it is present
in a directory from which it can be dynamically loaded by the queue manager.
The easiest method of doing this is to define the switch load file as a
fully-qualified name. Note that if the queue manager is still running it will
need to be restarted in order that any changes made to its configuration data
can be picked up.