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Pinned topic Data Studio v3.2 - Win7 Pinned Taskbar Icon?

‏2013-01-07T15:48:01Z |

On my Win7 workstation, I have an icon for Data Studio pinned to my taskbar. In prior versions, the Data Studio icon would launch the application and the icon would become the taskbar button for the running app.

Now, in v3.2, when I click on the taskbar icon, the app launches but becomes a separate taskbar button, which means I have two items taking up space on the taskbar, rather than the one.

I don't see any property that controls this behavior, but Data Studio v3.2 is the only application that behaves this way. Every other application I have pinned to the taskbar launches when I click on the icon and then replaces the icon with the running app taskbar button.

Is there a way to get back to the old behavior for Data Studio v3.2?

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    Re: Data Studio v3.2 - Win7 Pinned Taskbar Icon?

    It's because the icon is really pointing to a command file and not an executable. It annoys me as well, especially when I open multiple DS instances and they expand across my taskbar.