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Pinned topic Best practices for RDZUT ( or RD&T) migration

‏2013-01-07T15:12:59Z |
I'd like to have some suggestions about the recommended approach for RDZUT migration
Let's suppose that a customer has already installed a RDZut 8.0.3 ..and he is interested to migrate to RD&T 8.5
In this case what should be the better approach ?
Many thanks in advance

I know the Customization guide contain a chapter related to "migration guidelines", and I can imagine that the better approach should be to 'save' consistently specifics files( zos disks) from previous RDZut , copy and then use them in newest RD&T version... Nevertheless I'd like to share some experiences...
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    Re: Best practices for RDZUT ( or RD&T) migration

    Migration of RD&T is limited to the linux files we ship supporting the System z software simulator. There is no migration in place so you must first remove the old simulator instance and then install the new one. Redbook vol 2 has details on this process. z/OS migration is left as an exercise for the user. All system programmers have their own unique methods for migrating system and I don't expect RD&T z/OS system migration to be any different. In any case, the z/OS Migration guide for your particular release is always a good starting point. There are also very good migration sessions given at the Share user group conference. If you are a Share member, you can access session materials at the website.