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Pinned topic Windows 2012 drivers etc. for IBM servers availability

‏2013-01-07T09:19:57Z |
A customer of ours is using MS SCCM to install Operating Systems. Drivers are installed using SCCM driver packages.
We usually download drivers for the various required server models from the IBM download site but although Windows 2012 has been released for sometime I still can't find any drivers on the IBM site. The same goes for stuff like MegaRAID Storage Manager and teaming SW if still relevant (since Windows 2012 has built-in teaming support).

On IBM serverproven matrix a number of IBM server models have been certified for Windows 2012, but where can you download the drivers or does IBM recommend to just use the drivers delivered with the OS ?

If not currently available when will drivers for Windows 2012 be availablefor download from the IBM download site?

The problem also exists for stuff like MegaRaid Storage Manager and teaming software (if still relevant with Windows 2012 since the OS has built-in support for LAN adapter teaming)
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Torben Larsen