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Pinned topic dp:deflate() passing the XSLT variable with node tree

‏2013-01-06T23:57:16Z |
I am trying to compress an XML node with was defined as an XSLT varible within the XSL. <xsl:value-of select="dp:deflate($MyVariable)" /> is just compressing the values of the elements but not including the node tree. Sounds like trivial but I am not getting the right idea. I also tried piping the XML <xsl:value-of select="dp:deflate(/)" /> and exslt:node-set($MyVariable or /). set-variable also take value as an attribute hence is not useful. I would need something similar to xsl:copy-of. Any idea how I can pass the node tree as a parmeter to dp:deflate().
Thanks in advance.
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