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Pinned topic HTTP Basic Authentication and default page

‏2013-01-06T14:15:01Z |
I am using HTTP Basic authentication for users to authenticate before they can access any resource.Following are ettings defined in httpd.conf of my http server

SSLServerCert selfSigned
<Location / >
AuthType Basic
AuthName Panorama
AuthUserFile "/u01/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/AppUsers"
Require valid-user
Order deny,allow

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER} (.+)

RewriteRule . - E=RU:%1

If I give this URL ( in browser, i am challenged for username/password in popupbox. When I give the correct username and password, authentication is complete and it shows listing of this directory (/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs). I want to change this and redirect it to specific URL after successful authentication. Can anybody help?