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Pinned topic Cast Iron Express - Custom object not integrated from Salesforce to MySQL

‏2013-01-05T20:06:56Z |
Hi There,

I am using a trial version of IBM Websphere Cast Iron Express.
I am facing a problem in mapping the custom fields ( present in custom objects ) in Salesforce to MySql db.
The mapping works perfectly fine if I use a standard object Account in Salesforce and map it to a table in MySql.
However the same doesn't reflect in MySql for Custom objects.

The activity says the below.
Integration " - MySQL" completed processing 1 Company__c object(s) (updated/created) from 0 row(s) inserted in table Company.

Am I missing something here or is it the known issue with Cast Iron Express ?
If I do the same using Cast Iron Live, will it work ?

Appreciate your support in this.