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Pinned topic DS4700 - Incompatible drive

‏2013-01-04T23:12:25Z |
I am trying to replace a drive in a DS4700 system.
The drive is a genuine IBM, I took from an other DS4700, and it results incompatible.
Can anybody help in debugging the issue?

some useful information:
Current configuration
    Firmware version:
       Appware version:
       Bootware version:
    NVSRAM version: N1814D47R1060V17

Current ID (ALPA)
    On drive channel 1: 124/0x2
Replacement part number: 39M5896
Model name: 3992
Board ID:  3992
Submodel ID:19
Product ID:  1814 FAStT  
Revision:  0916
Part number: 21753-05         
Thanks in advance
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    Re: DS4700 - Incompatible drive

    Dear marina,

    could you post DS Support Data of your DS4700.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow