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Pinned topic Report Pages repeating in Master-Detail Report

‏2013-01-04T20:40:29Z |
I have a report in Cognos Report Studio 10.1. Here is the basic background.

Org Dept Emp
O1 D1 E1, E2
O1 D2 E3, E4, E5
O1 D3 E6

The report has multiple queries. One query which accepts parameter about which Org and Dept to display acts as Master query (Org_Master) for all the other queries. The second page will show data from the above table. This query (Emp_Detail) is on the second page as a list object inside a table cell. First the list has a Master Detail set with Org_Master as the master query. The list is grouped and sectioned by Dept.
The report should show only 2 pages under all conditions. But for Dept D1 it will repeat Page 1 and 2 twice with exact same information. For Dept D2 it will repeat 3 times. For Dept D3 it does not repeat. So if a department has 50 employees it will repeat both the pages 50 times.
How do I fix the report so that it does not repeat the pages?