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Pinned topic Cliente Report Posted - Control minimun time

‏2013-01-04T15:29:28Z |
Guys a short question, when a client write "Report posted successfully." in is log, is client made a conecction to his relay?, exist a way to control this report, maybe every 1 hour o more time?

At 09:58:49 -0430 -
Report posted successfully.
At 10:20:26 -0430 -
Report posted successfully.
At 10:39:49 -0430 -
Report posted successfully.

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    Re: Cliente Report Posted - Control minimun time

    ‏2013-01-04T21:50:10Z  in response to MarlonRojas
    There is a client setting ( _BESClient_Report_MinimumInterval ) which can be used to control the minimum interval of general reports. Raising this too high will prevent notification of action completion etc until the time has expired however so be careful about using this.

    The client is reporting to its relay every time it posts that message to the log.

    The default is 15 (as the setting is in seconds) and it maxes out at 86400 which is 24 hours.

    Reminder that unless you also change your console setting for "Mark offline after", and you make the setting higher than that value, the endpoints will grey out in the display.

    Use the setting with caution and be aware of the ramifications of using it.