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Pinned topic SATA Disk is very slow

‏2013-01-04T11:24:01Z |

We have connected SATA Disk on SAN via QLogic qla-4xxx HBA Card on IBM System X3950
system.formfactor = 'server' (string)
system.product = 'IBM x3950-88784RU-' (string)
system.vendor = 'IBM' (string)
system.chassis.type = 'Main Server Chassis' (string)
system.chassis.manufacturer = 'IBM' (string)
system.firmware.release_date = '12/18/2009' (string)
system.firmware.version = '-http://ZSE126AUS-1.08-' (string)
system.firmware.vendor = 'IBM' (string)
system.hardware.uuid = 'C0D783E9-F051-B601-14E9-00145EBBA7CA' (string)
system.hardware.serial = '99A4628' (string)
system.hardware.version = 'Not Specified' (string)
system.hardware.product = 'IBM x3950-88784RU-' (string)
system.hardware.vendor = 'IBM' (string)
smbios.chassis.type = 'Main Server Chassis' (string)
smbios.chassis.manufacturer = 'IBM' (string)
smbios.system.uuid = 'C0D783E9-F051-B601-14E9-00145EBBA7CA' (string)
smbios.system.serial = '99A4628' (string)
smbios.system.version = 'Not Specified' (string)
smbios.system.product = 'IBM x3950-88784RU-' (string)
smbios.system.manufacturer = 'IBM' (string)
smbios.bios.release_date = '12/18/2009' (string)
smbios.bios.version = '-http://ZSE126AUS-1.08-' (string)
smbios.bios.vendor = 'IBM' (string)
system.hardware.primary_video.product = 20825 (0x5159) (int)
system.hardware.primary_video.vendor = 4098 (0x1002) (int)
power_management.can_suspend_to_disk = true (bool)
power_management.can_suspend_to_ram = false (bool)

We are facing Very Slow Performance issue with SATA Disks Connected on SAN (DS-3400) via HBA Card

I request your help to verify drivers and firmware updates are up to date or not on this issue.

Please advice me how to check and update Firmware / Drivers update for 64Bit Oracle Linux.

Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: SATA Disk is very slow

    Hi IBM Experts/Tech Gurus,

    Let me raise question in different way

    We have two IBM System X3950 servers with DS-3400 on different locations

    One Server with Ds-3400 is connected only SATA Disks and
    OS is Oracle Enterprises Linux 5.8 uek kernel 64Bit
    OS is configured with RAW (/dev/sdX) and file system is ext3.

    and we don't any performance issues with this setup. it is absolutely fine.

    but, other server has two DS-3400 Boxes connected with combination of SAS(10x150GB disks) & SATA (1TB ARRAY) Disks via QLA2460-HBA Card and Switch.

    OS is Oracle Enterprises Linux 5.8 uek kernel 64Bit(same as first one)
    It is configured on multipath --> LVM and file system ext3.

    Here it is very much slow
    hdparm -t
    ----result gives average is 70MB+/secs
    but on first server it is 130MB+/secs

    Please note that, earlier we have connected and used this DS-3400 (1TB SATA array) with IBM System X3950 on RHEL4 32Bit OS, and we did not find any issues with that.
    Is it this issue cause because of the combination of SAS & SATA Disks connected with two different HBA Cards?

    Is it may be because firmware update yet to be done?

    I have checked with QLogic Support forum for HBA card side support, they said it is IBM OEM Branded HBA Card, and support to be obtained from IBM Support Forum with System X Server.

    Please advice me to find the issue and to fix it.

    Thanks & Regards,