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‏2013-01-03T21:53:54Z |
I am new to worklight and going through the documents i have following confusion
1) Eclipse plug-in for worklight provide three type of project development
Hybrid Application, Inner Application and Shell Component.
How to create Inner Application and Shell Component.
2) I have created hello world project using Hybid application.In the bin folder i can see it has generated following artifacts

What is the purpose of all these artifacts? what are deployable commponent?
In case of web application, we need to deploy ear, war in application server.
For worklight what i need to to to run my aapplication in iPhone?
In worklight, there is client component and server component. If i install an app in iphone, what will be installed client or server component?

Please help.
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    Based on your questions, I strongly recommend that you read through the training material we provide and follow through the exercises.
    See here:

    1. Application types provided by Worklight: Hybrid, Native, Shell and Inner (last two are related to one another, not completely separate).
    This has a training module as well, provided in the link above.

    2. a .wlapp contains application information required for Worklight Server; these files can be deployed via Worklight Console. Deploying an application will also make it recognizable by Worklight Server, so that once the app (on the client-side) tries to connect, it will be able to do so.

    *-all.wlapp contains all environments you have created for the app
    *-iphone-1.0.wlapp is only the iPhone environment of the app
    *-windwsphone-1.0.wlapp is only the Windows Phone 7 environment of the app
    *.war file contains files required for the Worklight Server when running on an application server (such as Tomcat, WAS, Liberty)
    *-customization.jar file contains mostly the same files as the .war file, which are required for when running Worklight Server via the Eclipse plug-in (Worklight Studio)

    3. When using an application server you need to deploy the .war file to it, so you'll get Worklight Server (there's more to do, you will get instructions upon purchasing Worklight); the .wlapp is then deployed via Worklight Console.

    4. If you are looking to create an actual app for the iPhone - one that can be downloaded from Apple's App Store, that as minimum you must have a Mac with Xcode installed on it so that you could compile the .ipa file (you will also need to register as an Apple Developer, etc). Please see the Getting Started page linked at the top.

    5. On the iPhone you install the .ipa file, generated by Xcode from the Xcode project that Worklight prepares for you, based on the application you are created in Eclipse using our plug-in. On the server side, see 2) above.

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