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Pinned topic Can I retrieve a deleted data rule

‏2013-01-03T20:36:44Z |
Hi all,

I created a new folder, and moved some data rules from the original folder to the new folder. Then I deleted the rules from the original folder. It was deleted also from the new folder which I didn't know it will

Can I retrieve a deleted data rule please?

Thanks in advavnce for your help..
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  • smithha
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    Re: Can I retrieve a deleted data rule

    ‏2013-01-03T20:54:21Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Unfortunately, unless you've previously exported, copied, or published the rule, that data rule is deleted and gone.

    The folders (aside from the Published Rule folder) are a method to group of related rules together. A given rule definition or rule only exists once, but can be included in multiple folders. There is no need to move rules.
    To remove a rule from a given folder, you just need to open the rule, go to the Folders tab and remove the chosen folder from the rule.