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Pinned topic Question on Service Repositories in Installation Manager

‏2013-01-03T20:23:23Z |
In addition to the trouble I'm having updating to RMC, had a question about service repositories. In Installation Manager, on two different machines I use, there were two different repositories listed in the IM properties. There are there because someone I thought was more in the know than me, said they needed to be there. On both machines, I could get messages about respositories not being connected. And on both machines, the option to search service repositories was checked.

But as I was researching my other issues, ran across the explaination that each product installed has somewhere indicates the service repository. Checking that box to search the service repositoies tells IM to check with the installed product and look for updates in it's service repository. So, why do I need these other repositories, especially if I can't get them to connect?

One one machine, the respository was
On the other its

It would seem that for most situations, where you are doing just a standard update to an installed package, searching the service repository would be sufficient.

Again, thanks for any enlightenment.