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Pinned topic RDZ 8.5 zenterprizes and EGL

‏2013-01-03T20:17:26Z |
what are the features RDZ 8.5 z enterprises has to offer to an EGL based company
that runs on a MF?
*right now they are using RDZ 7.6 with EGL

to what product should they upgrade?

should they move to Rational Business Developer?
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    Re: RDZ 8.5 zenterprizes and EGL

    Rational Developer for zEnterprise helps make traditional mainframe development, web development and integrated mixed workload or composite development faster and more efficient across multiple hardware platforms. RD for zEnterprise enables development of COBOL, PL/I, C++, assembler, EGL, Java or Java Enterprise edition applications for z/OS batch, CICS, IMS, WebSphere, and DB2. In addition, the IBM solution supports SOA and web service creation.

    The packaging of the Rational Developer for System z family was simplified in version 8.5:

    Rational Developer for System z product is now available separately from Rational Application Developer and Rational Business Developer. This provides a smaller product that is easier to download, install, and deploy. This offering provides an integrated analysis, develop, debug and test experience for developers focused on mainframe languages.

    Rational Developer for zEnterprise builds on Rational Developer for System z, offering a combination of tools for exploiting traditional System z environments as well as for developing applications for zEnterprise Bladecenter Extension (zBX) running Linux and AIX operating systems.

    Rational Developer for zEnterprise is a bundle of the following:
    1.Rational Developer for System z - this starts with the base RDz focused on the z/OS developer and integrates the following parts:
    a) C and C++ Development Tools for AIX
    b) C and C++ Development Tools for Linux
    c) COBOL Development Tools for AIX
    2.Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software in its entirety
    3.Rational Business Developer (the EGL IDE) in its entirety
    Note that existing client entitlements to the previous Rational Developer for System z® with EGL offering have been moved to the base Rational Developer for System z offering and given equivalent entitlement for Rational Business Developer.
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    Re: RDZ 8.5 zenterprizes and EGL

    thanks for the info, we have notice the cilent he should install Rational Business Developer. and Rational Developer for System z in order to gain all EGL Natural development tools.
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    Re: RDZ 8.5 zenterprizes and EGL



    our core application development is based on RBD generating mostly COBOL for CICS and BATCH. There are intentions to expand this to CICS JAVA development (CICS 5.1. JVM server, OSGi bundles) . If I understood correctly in order to do that, besides RBD, additional tools are required - Rational Developer for System z.....

    Are there any presentation or doc describing such development process ? What is the impact on developers ? Additional skills etc ....?