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‏2013-01-03T20:11:28Z |
Here's the sequence of things I've done/tried so far

-Closed all instances of RMC, ran Installation manager
-Messages about repository not connected. But option to search service repositories is selected.
-Select update
-Work through dialog boxes for the update.
-Message that IM 1.6.1 or later is needed, do I want to update IM, select Yes
-IM update proceeds and complets, RMC update resumes
-Error pop-up "Could not create Java Virtual Machine" Aborted IM, attempts to launch RMC fail.
-Research in IM help, suggests that IM update not complete, recommends manual install of IM
-Do manual install of IM, verify running 1.6.1
-Start IM and start RMC update again. Message that no updates are available.
-Do a roll-back to
-Try RMC update again, appears to be proceeding, then error pop-up about the Java Virtual Machine again.
-Let IM proceed in background, eventually errors out. Tells me no update installed.
  • However, when I launch RMC splash screen indicates version, but once launched Help/About indicates

This is a Windows XP environment, had no trouble with the 7.5.2 update. I've attached the install log.

So, anyone else having trouble? Suggestions for things to try? Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Issues updating to

    Hi Linda,

    First please do file a tech support request via IBM tech support channel.

    Based on your description, there are several things that need to be checked out:

    1. can you directly get to RMC update repository for via the Internet? that is, does your company's security blocks it?

    2. It seems IM has hit some memory restriction that the JVM won't start? Does your machine have any security software installed such as from Citrix? We had experience that clients' machine has security software installed that restricts how much memoery an application can be used.

    3. Another try is to install RMC as a new instance instead of updating your existing one (7.5.2 or eariler?)

    Our tech support engineers can work with you to go through all the scenarios.

    Thanks much.