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Pinned topic ClearCase 8 Installation without Domain Authentication Possible?

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Good Morning and Happy New Year,

I have a great question that is stumping me and hoping someone might know the answer. Is it possible to properly install ClearCase8 on a Windows 7 machine without Domain Authentication? We are trying to create a Windows 7 Image that we can use to flash 100 machines with the same image and have ClearQuest 8, ClearCase8 and RAD 8 installed on the Windows 7 image itself. Any ideas?
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    Re: ClearCase 8 Installation without Domain Authentication Possible?


    There should be no issue installing software in non-domain environment, especially, if you do not allow creating ClearCase VOBs or views on users' machines. In this case, there is no need in albd service account running on the clients.
    Otherwise, you would need to import correct albd service account configuration in the Windows registry after the install.

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    Re: ClearCase 8 Installation without Domain Authentication Possible?

    There are ways to do this without too much problem, even if the albd is needed. When creating the master image, you would:
    1) Create local albd account and clearcase group id's
    net user clearcase_albd /add net user clearcase_albd BogusPassword net localgroup clearcase /add net localgroup clearcase clearcase_albd /add

    2) Install ClearCase using that account information

    Once you create the image, and use it to instantiate the new machine. Once the new machine is added to the domain, you would do the following (please note that all of these require admin rights and an admin mode command prompt):
    1) change the login id for the installed albd
    sc config albd obj= NEWDOMAIN\ccalbd

    2) set the login password for the albd
    sc config albd password= 

    3) Change the registry value for the ClearCase Server process group. That is in the following value:

    4) Ensure that this group has access to the ...\RationalSDLC\ClearCase directory:
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase cacls . /e /t /g NEWDOMAIN\ccadmins:f

    5) Ensure that the ClearCase users have access to the ...\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\var\cache directory (really, trust me, you want them to be able to write files here, all kinds of things will act strange if they don't.)
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\var\cache cacls . /e /t /g NEWDOMAIN\ccusers:f

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