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I've installed ISA 5 Beta 2 on my PC. I've successfully run "Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer (GCMV) Desktop", I'd now like to run "Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer (GCMV) Report". However, I'm having trouble loading a file... when I click on Launch --> Browse the window that opens (Select a File) displays a tree view. The only folder in the tree view is called "PMR", it doesn't contain any files or folders.

So, how do I load my file?

Thanks, Steve.
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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Hello Steve,

    It maybe that you have not created or do not have the case that contains the file selected.
    If you have not already done so you will need to create a case for the problem. To do this click on the cases pullout and create a new case, providing a subject and description, save by clicking on the green check box and the click on the cases pullout to close. Once you create the case, use the pulldown to select the newly created case. You can then create folders under this new case if desired, by right clicking on the case number in the left hand navigation panel and select new folder.

    Next select the folder where you want to store the file to be analyzed, then select either the add files button or if your browser is HTML5 capable simply drag and drop the file from your desktop on to the browser. Once the file is uploaded you should see it under the folder previously selected. If not select the refresh icon in the left hand navigation panel next to the cases directory. Once the file is seen in the grid, either right click on the file to display the context menu and select Problem Analysis -> Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer (GCMV) Report or you can go to the tools catalog and select the tool then browse to the file location.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Ricky Holcomb