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Pinned topic IID 8 on WIndows XP?

‏2013-01-03T13:09:53Z |
I am currently using WID 6.2 running on a Windows XP desktop (server side is WAS).

I would like to install IID on my machine to get familiar for a later migration of

From what I can see, it looks like IID 8 needs Windows 7 or later and wouldn't run
on my Windows XP machine.

Does anyone know if this is correct, or will it happily run under Windows XP?

Just to clarify...
Currently I'm looking at the development environment rather than the server side.

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  • bmruter
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    Re: IID 8 on WIndows XP?

    ‏2013-01-03T13:15:30Z  in response to GWReeves
    We went down this path with IID 7.5 on XP. Same thing though, it will work for the most part, but it will not be supported by IBM, so if you open a PMR you will be asked to reproduce the problem on a supported platform. Also note that it has not been tested by IBM on Win XP as well. You would be better off migrating to Win 7 or running on it on a supported Linux platform.

    Good luck..
    • GWReeves
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      Re: IID 8 on WIndows XP?

      ‏2013-01-03T13:56:07Z  in response to bmruter
      Thanks. Unfortunately that's what I feared. We have a program in place to migrate to Windows 7 later in the year.

      I have Windows 7 at home but not at work. I guess I can roll the dice and see if I get lucky.

      By-the-way, this may well be too late for you but in my trawling I saw there was a fixpack to allow 7.5 to run on
      Windows XP. Sounds like you are already on Windows 7 though.

      Thanks again