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Pinned topic x3650 M4 disk expansion Kit - single array?

‏2013-01-03T10:24:21Z |
I have a x3650M4 which I have just taken out the box, the additional 8 bay HDD expansion kit has been purchased with it and I have installed it as per the instructions supplied with the expansion kit.

When booting up, I select Ctrl + H for the webbios, I am then presented with the 5110 (On board Raid for bays 0-7) and a second option of 5110e (Additonal card required for bays 8-15)

In the previous 3650 (M3) the setup that all the config still went through an individual card and as such the array could be configured and partitioned across all 16 drives, is this possible on the M4?

As far as i can tell the 1st card cannot see the second bank of disks and vice versa.

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    Re: x3650 M4 disk expansion Kit - single array?

    If you look at table 7 found here :

    You'll see that there are 2 options for the 16x2.5" expansion kits.

    One of them comes with a SAS expander which will allow you to consolidate both backplanes.

    The other comes with a separate adapter which is hardwired to the second backplane. From your description, it sounds like you have this option.

    Unfortunately, I don't think you can consolidate both backplanes with your options since the key component is the SAS expander which doesn't come with your option.