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Pinned topic Unable to create Execution Groups

‏2013-01-03T06:18:10Z |
Hi All,

I have installed 90 day trial version of Message Broker Runtime , Explorer and ToolKit all of version 8.0

I am able to create Queue Managers and Brokers using either Broker Console or Broker Explorer.

But the problem is with Execution Groups.

When i attempt to create execution groups either through broker window in tookit or Broker explorer or through Broker console I am getting a error message as below:

C:\IBM\MQSI\>mqsicreateexecutiongroup TSTBRK -e EX01
BIP1124I: Creating execution group 'EX01' on broker 'TSTBRK'...
BIP1053E: The operation could not be completed by the broker: 'Expired trial'

Ensure that the correct parameters are supplied to the broker and that the user
is authorized to complete the operation. If the problem persists, contact your I
BM support center.

Had there been a issue with permissions or trial period then it wouldnt even allow me to create queue managers and brokers but that is not the case.

I have no idea what could be the possible solution to this.

Someone please help me in this regard.