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Pinned topic Hi all, What is the purpose of protecting project in datastage.?

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Hi , i need to know the purpose of protecting project in datastage administrator. If i protect my project the jobs became read only. So what is d purpose of making a job to read only mode in datastage. Kindly explain me in detail if u know.Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Hi all, What is the purpose of protecting project in datastage.?

    This is usually done in a production environment and it ensures developers and the support team follow correct SDLC procedures and avoid the trap of fixing defects directly in production. By making the jobs read only it means that defect fixes have to be made back in a development environment and migrated to production via standard deployment. If you do not lock down your production environment then jobs can be altered and then those changes lost the next time the job is promoted from dev/test.

    It also prevents someone from modifying a job to retrieve sensitive data that they are not supposed to have access to.

    Even though the environment is readonly there is still the flexibility to change job parameters and alter the job schedule.

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