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How can I Debug an online IMS Transaction using the debug tool GUI in CICS Explorer? Is this just similar to how we do it in MVS Debug tool or is there any documentation that I can go through?

Thank you
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  • wilfriedvanhecke
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    Re: IMS Tran - debug

    indeed, no matter if you use CICS Explorer, IMS Explorer, PD Tools Suite or RDz including the Debug Tool Plugin, you can debug all types of applications (apart of CICS which is a little different) all as if it were batch programs. I recommend to use also the DTCN/DTSP plugin. You will see that the DTSP plugin has entry fields like IMS transaction, or IMS sysid, but, it is OK just to use the main programname, as you do for batch. Similar to batch, you must link the exit EQADICXT or even better the new (V11R1 and V12R1) EQAD3CXT exit to the main program of your transaction program.
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    Re: IMS Tran - debug

    Just like Wilfried pointed out, regardless of which GUI you're using - CICS/IMS Explorer, Problem Determination Tools Studio or RDz you can simply use the consolidated Language Environment User Exit, EQAD3CXT as described in