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Pinned topic remove orphan Profile entries

‏2013-01-02T22:28:21Z |
I am looking through my list of profile entries for a certain Profile Set. It seems over the time of the dev process I had added many entries for troubleshooting etc. It seems there are many entries that are not being used. Is there an easy way for removing all these entries that are not in use?

Do I need to go one by one and see if its being used in my project?

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  • kevintap
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    Re: remove orphan Profile entries

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that there's any linking/cross-referencing in the Designer that allows you to see where a specific profile entry is used or referenced in your project. The best that I could suggest here is a grep/search of the .model files in your project. You could search for the following pattern:

    you can use this to find the references to a specific profile entry:


    or this to see all the references to a particular profile set:

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    Re: remove orphan Profile entries

    Thanks, I will try.