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Pinned topic Cannot remove server from IBM Systems Director 6.3.2

‏2013-01-02T17:08:30Z |
I have systems that have been removed from the network and are still listed in Systems Director. I can use Resource Explorer and find the "Virtual Server" and the "Operating System" and those are the only two items associated with the IP address. I right click the OS name and select Remove. I see a message showing "Removing 'server name' from Systems Director". If I click on the "header" of the message I see.

ATKCMT005I: Removing ''VALUE_0'' from VALUE_1.

Explanation: The resource is being removed from the database; the actual resource is unaffected. Removing a group does not remove the members of the group.

Operator Response: None.
but nothing is ever removed. Is there a log I can check to see if an error is being generated?