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Pinned topic What is the best way to create a new environment similar to the production

‏2013-01-02T13:03:53Z |
I have a production environment of TSRM 7.2 with IBM DB2 database.
The architecture consists of 2 Windows Server 2008, one for the application and the other for the database.
I need to have a new environment similar to the production one.

What is the proper way to do that?

Appreciate your suggestions
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    Re: What is the best way to create a new environment similar to the production

    I don't know if there is a "Proper" way to do the enviroment setup. For us we simply install everthing twice. First we set up our development enviroment. We actually did this several times to get everything just right. Then we set up our Identical Production enviroment. Every couple of months I shut the production application server off and take a back up of the production database. After the production envirment is back up and running I then simply restore the database to the development enviroment. I do some other things to prevent automated processes that happen in produciton from occuring in development upon a restore. These are mostly stopping escaltions and crons before the backup and restoring them after the backup and taken. I also have a window when I can take the backup and when the restore to devolpment happens based on other automated action.

    Hopefully this helps you out a bit.