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Pinned topic using J2C for inter-operating with CICS program: output record unreadable

‏2013-01-02T12:54:49Z |
Hello people, I am new here!

I am a junior java developer and I am trying to use J2C Java data binding tool to inter-operate with a CICS program.

I received from the CICS service supplier most of the required data to access the programs, and actually I think that the architecture I have built has no errors ( i followed the ibm tutorial at the link Tutorial).

When i try to invoke the service i get no errors, but it look like i cannot extract data from the records that have been generated from the .cpy file the supplier have given me.
Attached, there is a pic of the output i am receiving.

Where we see the "sqare" letter where should have been one or more alphabetical characters.

I think that there is a deconding problem of same type...but I have tryied so many option with generating the data binding class from the .cpy file that i do not know how to move for solving the problem.

I hope someone can help me with few tips, i really need some...

I do not know if you need more information, i have been very generic on the description of the problem...but I am not an expert.
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    Re: using J2C for inter-operating with CICS program: output record unreadable

    Thanks for your question.

    The platform selected does not appear to match the system on which the COBOL program is running. When importing the COBOL file, select the platform to match the system on which the program runs. The default option can be changed from the Windows -> Preferences -> Importers -> COBOL preference page (for more details see the 'Setting the data import configuration properties for COBOL files' topic in the Help).