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Pinned topic Not able to configure Tivoli access manager for operating system tamos 6.

‏2013-01-02T09:59:25Z |

I have been struggling to configure the tivoli access manager for operating system V6.0. I have my Tivoli access manager policy server configured with tivoli ldap registry server with SSL enabled on windows 2003 server. I am trying to install tamos on RHEL5.5 machine. Configuratoin always fails with error "HPDRG0201E Error code 0x74 was received from the LDAP server. Error text: "Failed to connect to ssl server."

the tamos run time configuration asks for port of ldap registry server; should I give SSL port on NON SSL port here? I have taken the ldapcert.arm file from tivoli ldap server, the question is how will tamos get the password for this cacert? should I use the kdb file instead on arm file? I am stuck on this, what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance,