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Pinned topic REST services caching for custom Nouns

‏2012-12-30T16:53:18Z |

I have noticed this one thing related to REST services server-side caching for custom Nouns, does not have proper documentation yet on Infocenter. So I poked around & put together this small documentation for sharing with few more people. I am sure, IBM will be providing with more proper documentation for this topic.

Some of you might have already found out a way to get around this constraint. so, I appreciate if you can leave your comments & feedback.

What does OOB offer & what is the existing limitation...
  • RESTCacheFilter handles the server-side caching for REST services. It has hard-coded Nouns in it & doe not handle for custom Nouns. So in order to support for custom Nouns we have to write our own custom CacheFilter.

What is present in the attachment....
  • cachespec.xml (of REST.war)
  • web.xml (of REST.war)
  • cachemonitor screenshots to show the 'project' cache contents.

Prerequisites to use this code
  • Require the IBM tutorials to have completed link1 & link2

Notes about the code
  • Updated web.xml to use my custom cache filter
  • My code does not handle OOB Nouns i.e. productview,categoryview,espot. These are already existing in OOB RESTCacheFilter. So i did not want to copy paste it ( I am hoping IBM will provide some extension points to overcome this )
  • My goal was just to see my custom cache filter working for custom noun: project. So I have not yet spend time on cache invalidations for custom REST services. Since they all are old concepts, I presuming they all should work fine.
  • I have written this, based on the 'Project' noun that will be created after those tutorials.
  • I had to copy-paste some lines of code from OOB RESTCacheFilter ( Looking for your feedback on this, if there is better way to handle, let me know. )
Again, looking forward to read your feedback on the approach. Share your ideas if there are issues in the code or if there is a better way.

Hope this helps!
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    Re: REST services caching for custom Nouns


    Thanks for sharing this information :) 

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    Re: REST services caching for custom Nouns


    Thanks for sharing. I have been searching the topic from very long on infocenter but didnt find anything documented on caching custom REST services

    The attachment is empty. Can anyone provide the information mentioned in the blog.