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Pinned topic Cogonos 10 active reports in connected mode

‏2012-12-30T15:28:26Z |
I am newbie to Cognos. I have read that active reports can also be run in connected mode, i.e.,
get live data from database when they run.

1. Will performance in connected mode for large amount of data be better than in disconnected mode because now it is doing sql queries on database where it can take advantage
of database indexes etc. In disconnected mode; report specification and all the data is in an
.mht file and browser (or is there any Cognos software) has to go through this data making things slower.

2. I want to use Cognos active report template which has many more controls in connected mode, but not clear whether I will still be working through one .mht file. IN connected mode, will drill down/drill up as well as drill through work the same way as in a non active report template.
3. Also, in disconnected mode, is there any Cognos client software used when viewing .mht file or
Is only Browser involved?