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‏2012-12-28T15:06:43Z |
Let me try this again as my previous post may have been confusing.

Below is the primary filter:

[Query1].[Service] in ('Lending Pipeline (Referrals)','Deposit Pipeline (Referrals)','Third Party Services (Referrals)'

Based on the above filter what I need to happen next is to NOT pull any records where:

[Query1].[Referred From] = [Query1].[Referred To] and [Query1].[Service] = 'Lending Pipeline (Referrals)' or 'Deposit Pipeline (Referrals)'

Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Help with Query

    I finally figured it out. For those who care this is my filter:

    ([Query1].[Referred to Name]  [Query1].[Referred from Name] and [Query1].[Service] in ('Deposit Pipeline (Referrals)','Lending Pipeline (Referrals)')) OR ([Query1].[Service] = 'Third Party Services (Referrals)')

    The part after the OR statement was necessary as I wanted all records pulled that were Third Party referrals.
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