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Pinned topic variable range in SheetWrite

‏2012-12-28T13:28:15Z |
Hi all,

I have a problem where solution array (2D) has variable width. I'm using sheetwrite to work with the solution, but i've found that apparently it doesn't support using a string variable to specify the array lenght. Here is an example of what i want to do:

Result = {"anything"};

SheetConnection sheet2("Solution.xlsx");
Qproduct to SheetWrite(sheet2,Result);

Is there anyway that Aheetwrite accepts array dimensio parameter (in this case Result) as a string variable instead of a fixed array or named excel array?

Many thanks for your help!
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    Re: variable range in SheetWrite

    In your sample, Result is not a string but a set of string elements.
    Did you try with
    Result = "anything";

    If you're working with sets, then you need to refer to a specific element of the set, for example

    Hope this helps
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