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Pinned topic http code errors generated by datapower?

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can datapower generate http code errors?
I send a message from datapower to a iis, i can see in the datapower logs a http 500 error code, but in the iis logs i can´t see anything, the request fails and not reach the iis, is datapower who generated this http 500 error code?

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  • Trey
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    Re: http code errors generated by datapower?

    Yes. DataPower will by default obfuscate any backend content errors and simply throw a 500 error on failures. We do have a setting called "Process Backend Errors" but I would be careful as you expose begin to expose the behavior to specific requests.

    The generic 500 response is generated by DP and valid when the backend connection fails.

    If you have any other questions let me know.
  • HermannSW
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    Re: http code errors generated by datapower?

    Hi David,

    Trey answered your HTTP 500 question.

    For setting a HTTP return code in DataPower yourself, find an example in this posting:

    There my "favorite" HTTP return code 418 I'm a teapot is used ... ;-)

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