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Pinned topic How can I try SMS notification?

‏2012-12-28T10:18:31Z |
I'd like to try SMS Notification.
According to below, I need "the third-party gateway services that are supported by the Worklight Server."

Module 42 - SMS Notifications -set up-

Is there any such kind of gateway service?

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: How can I try SMS notification?

    Worklight supports gateway services that provides an api to send SMS.

    For example, if the SMS gateway expects an HTTP post in the following format to forward SMS messages to a mobile device,

    http://myhost:13011/cgi-bin/sendsms?to=<mob number>&text=<actual test>&username=fcsuser&password=fcspass

    The SMSConfig.xml file should be configured as follow,

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <sms:config xmlns:sms="" xmlns:xsi="">

    <gateway hostname="myhost" id="kannelgw" port="13011" programName="cgi-bin/sendsms" toParamName="to" textParamName="text">
    <parameter name = "username" value = "fcsuser" />
    <parameter name = "password" value = "fcspass" />

    You could use SMS gateway providers like Clickatell.
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    Re: How can I try SMS notification?

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