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Pinned topic Could not get data source to sql call builder

‏2012-12-28T09:33:37Z |
I have created a datasource in IBM websphere portalserver and the test connection is successful.I have also tested the connection using database explorer from within the RAD.When I am creating a SQL call builder it is not showing me the datasource which i created in portal server.
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    Re: Could not get data source to sql call builder

    The WEF SQL builders discover information about datasources on the server you are connected to by talking to a utility model in the deployed application for the project you are working in. If your project has not been deployed as a WAR (web application) to the server yet, or the server is not running, or your project is currently connected to a different server (eg, WAS CE instead of the WAS with the datasource) then you could see such errors.

    For more info try this article on the WEF wiki:

    I hope that info helps,
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