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Pinned topic Cannot connect. Protocol Driver Error

‏2012-12-28T08:03:53Z |

I am trying to use Enterprise Modernization Sandbox for System z.
I installed Citrix Receiver 3.5 and went to the url below.

When I click the Desktop icon, Citrix Receiver dialog pops up but error occurs saying "Cannot connect to Citrix XenApp Server. Protocol driver error".

I have looked into the faqs, but the resolution is very difficult to understand as I am not familiar with Citrix. Also the faq says to the some configuration with Web Interface but I cannot find that in my Citrix installation.

Can somebody help me ?
  • queequeg
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    Re: Cannot connect. Protocol Driver Error

    ‏2013-01-03T14:24:58Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hello YC1B,
    I cannot directly assist with checking your ports and adressing your session reliability as seen on the citrix support site.
    What I would suggest removing all the citrix software on your local and start over following the instructions here.
    Then login and try again.

    Steve Luyendyk -- Online trials butcher, baker and connection-maker