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Pinned topic ServerGuide Toolkit and Weird Server Failures

‏2012-12-27T14:16:36Z |
I just started playing with the serverguide toolkit to automate installations of W2K8R2 and noticed that I started to have odd power/hardware problems. I have used both 9.23 and 9.3 toolkits with the same result. I have no problems building the server, but after 12 hours or so, if I reboot the server powers off. If I shutdown the same, no biggy there, except that I cannot power the server back on. I have to pull the power plugs to reset. I get the following in the IMM event log after powering off. "Sensor Planar Fault has transitioned to critical from a less severe state".
I have tried with and without applying USXP during the build.
I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this? Fortunately, I have 2 more like systems to experiment on to verify if this is an isolated issue with this particular server. If I build manually with serverguide I do not have any problems.

x3550M4 (7914)
W2K8R2 SP1