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Pinned topic Handling XSLT without Namespace at target in WID

‏2012-12-27T06:25:55Z |
I have the following problem. I have an XSD that is not namespace aware (i.e. has no namespace).

I need to do some mapping with it befor sending off.
So I've added it to correlation context, where it shows it like this:

Then I use mapper to map it, and evrything is fine during design time.

However, at run time, I get the following exception:

CWSXM3106E: Exception while parsing transformed XML: Package with uri 'null' not found.

So, my question is how can we get WID to handle no namespace properly?
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    Re: Handling XSLT without Namespace at target in WID

    This should work. The fact that you see {null}ISO it seems like you have hit a bug. This post was back in Dec 2012, did you resolve the problem or workaround the issue? If not I would suggest a PMR for this.

    Dave Spriet
    BPM Architect, BPM SWAT